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“The Maximus King Protocol has taken me to the next level. In three months, my T scores have increased 2.8x, but the scores just a small slice of the story. My focus has improved. I have stronger energy to take on the day. I‘m more engaged and assertive in my relationship. I feel like a king: calm, confident, and unassailable.“

Chris J | Maximus Customer

Meaningfully boost your testosterone (1.5x to 2.5x improvement based on studies)

Safe and clinically-effective doctor prescribed medications & supplements.

Online group health coaching and for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and focus.


Maximizers Rave About The King Protocol

"The impact of the Maximus protocol blew away my expectations. My testosterone was not low and it still nearly doubled in only a month. I felt bold, driven, and imperturbable in a way I'd never experienced. For anyone trying to up level their game, this could change everything."
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Justin S.
"The squads give me extra accountability. Everyone is on the same page, and I love giving words of encouragement to people -- I can look for great things in people and point it out to them. Thank you, Dr. Cam. You are a great brother."
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Darwin L.
"I started the protocol about two months ago and am extremely satisfied with my results. I sleep, train, work, and interact with people at a completely new level. All aspects of my life have improved. The epidemic of low-T is a complex problem. Maximus has transformed my life for the better."
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Pedro S.
"The Maximus protocol is a game changer for men. It's a safe way to boost your testosterone levels, improving your performance in the gym, boardroom and bedroom. I increased my free testosterone by more than 40% in less than a month. You'll have morning wood like you're 25. I highly recommend subscribing to Maximus to be the best version of yourself."
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Alex M.

Maximus is Superior to other solutions

Other testosterone solutions are either ineffective or inconvenient. And some can pose health risks such as infertility. In addition, access to some of these solutions can be inconvenient & uncomfortable. With the Maximus King Protocol, we solve all this with a personalized program using cutting-edge technology and science.

Maximus King ProtocolTestosterone Replacement TherapyTestosterone Support SupplementsEdit
1)Meaningfully increases testosterone
2)Minimal Side Effects
3)Improves Fertility (vs. causes infertility)
4)Increases Testicular Size (vs. causes shrinkage)
5)Pharmaceutical grade / free from impurities
6)Convenient Pills - No risky needles / creams

2X Higher Testosterone Means Better Mood, Vitality, & Health

On average, participants in Maximus’s King Protocol showed a ~2X increase in free testosterone (range: 1.2-2.6X) over 30 days. The majority also reported improvements in their mood, virility, and health behaviors (S.C. Sepah, Ph.D., Unpublished Data, 2021).


56% reported an improvement in anxiety & depression (PHQ-4)


74% reported an improvement in energy, strength, sex drive, work performance (qADAM)


78% reported an improvement in diet, exercise, sleep, focus, & relationships

T Comparison on improvements chart


Get Started With 3 Easy Steps

  • 01

    Doctor Consultation

    Fill out an online assessment of your medical history, symptoms, and areas for optimization. Shortly after, a doctor will review your information and will provide treatment options for you.

  • 02

    At-Home Lab Test & Treatment

    Upon doctor approval, you will be mailed an at-home lab test to measure your baseline hormone levels along with doctor prescribed medications delivered discreetly and directly to your door.

  • 03

    Ongoing Optimization

    You and your doctor will work together on an ongoing basis to optimize your treatment protocol, including refills and additional at-home lab tests to track progress and performance.

Our Medical Advisors

Matt Coward, MD Photo

Matt Coward, MD

Associate Professor of Urology, UNC School of Medicine

Rand McClain, DO Photo

Rand McClain, DO

Founder, Regenerative & Sports Medicine

Wayne Hellstrom,  MD Photo

Wayne Hellstrom, MD

Professor of Urology, Chief of Andrology, Tulane School of Medicine.

Jim Hotaling, MD Photo

Jim Hotaling, MD

Associate Professor of Urology, University of Utah Health.

Eugene Shippen, MD Photo

Eugene Shippen, MD

Family Medicine & Endocrinology, Reading Hospital

Lee Springer,  PhD Photo

Lee Springer, PhD

Laboratory Director, The Bellevue Hospital

The Maximus King Protocol

For the first time, there’s a clinically-validated protocol to meaningfully increase your testosterone & vitality that’s safe and effective even for healthy or young men. The Maximus King Protocol uses state-of-the-art telemedicine & mail order pharmacy delivered conveniently to your home. We’re so confident it works, we’ll prove it with before & after lab testing.

Safe and revolutionary medicines that you cannot get elsewhere, it has the lowest risk of side effects by far.
We significantly increase your testosterone (1.5-2.5X) and prove it with third-party lab tests.
You will feel/perform better, in a way that is convenient to do and safe to continue long-term.


Democratize the protocols that previously were only accessible to VIPs

Before Maximus, having access to the top concierge doctors in the US would require being an executive or elite athlete and paying $2,000-$5,000 per month. Maximus' mission is to democratize these protocols previously only accessible to VIPs, and and help men everywhere optimize their health and attain their full potential and healthy masculinity.